Supportive Care & Cancer Surviviorship in conjuction with Best of MASCC Singapore

The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) will be hosting the inaugural Best of MASCC (Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer) Meeting on Supportive and Survivorship Care in November 2019. The Best of MASCC Meeting Singapore is a MASCC-endorsed conference held to disseminate the most recent advances and updates in cancer supportive care, catered to local and regional healthcare professionals. While advances in cancer diagnostics and treatments have led to increased survival in cancer, patients and survivors suffer from a multitude of issues related to anticancer treatments. These can affect the patients and survivor’s quality of life and ability to return to normalcy. Hence, the goal of the symposium is to increase the awareness of supportive and survivorship care among local healthcare professionals, share the latest research findings, so as to advance the field of cancer supportive and survivorship care in Singapore.

The program will feature lectures on numerous contemporary topics related to supportive care, including survivorship in the community, symptom management and rehabilitation among cancer survivors, as well as ongoing research in each of these areas. The keynote address on the topic of "Survivorship issues across the Age Continuum" will be delivered by Professor Raymond Chan from Queensland, who is the chairperson of the Survivorship Study Group under MASCC.

Our organizing committee includes:

TimeTopicMC: Ke Yu/Tan Chia Jie
0900 - 0915Welcome AddressProf William Hwang (NCCS)
0915 - 0930Speech by Guest-of-HonorDr. Amy Khor
0930 - 1030Keynote address: Survivorship Issues Across the Age ContinuumProf Raymond Chan (QUT)
1030 - 1100Morning tea break and Media Release 
1100 - 1230Session 1: Enabling survivorship care in the community 
 Community Psychosocial Care Resources for Cancer SurvivorsMs. Terina Tan (NUH)
 Patient Reported Outcomes In Supporting Cancer PatientsDr. Grace Yang (NCCS)
 Shared-care survivorship model in AustraliaProf Raymond Chan (QUT)
1230 - 1330Lunch 
1330 - 1530Session 2: Symptom Management in Cancer Patients and Survivors 
 Management of Complex Physical Symptoms in Cancer SurvivorsA/Prof Alex Chan (NCCS)
 Management of Cancer PainDr. Noreen Chan (NUH)
 Management of Sexuality Issues in Cancer SurvivorsDr. Irene Teo (NCCS)
 Integrative Therapies in Cancer Supportive CareMr. Tan Quan Ming (STCMI)
1530 - 1600Afternoon Tea 
1600 - 1700Session 3: Exercise and Rehabilitation in Cancer Survivors 
 Exercise in Oncology PatientsDr. Wong Chin Jung (TTSH)
 Rehabilitation in Cancer Survivorship - Common issues and its managementDr. Mothi Ramalingam Babu (SGH)
1700End of Program